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With the assistance and support of our professionals, we are engaged in providing authentic Staffing Solution for your corporate Receptionist. We provide variety of Skilled & Un-skilled workforce to work in Offices. Moreover, keeping in mind the statutory obligations related to employees are our responsibility, we take care all the workforce work in an efficient and professional manner.


To enhance the face of the client's organization, we provide convent educated well trained receptionist.

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HR is the corporate function with the greatest potential. It is considered the Key Driver, in theory of Business performance. In a Knowledge economy companies that have the “Best Talent” win.


Human resource services are critical aspects of any business. Unfortunately, not all companies have the capital to build a solid HR department. That's why outsourcing can be beneficial for both small and large organizations. We are proud to provide the HR/Adimin for your Small and Large Organizations.

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Office Staff

With the support and assistance of our professionals, we are involved in providing Office Staff Manpower Services to our valued customers. Being a professionally managed organization, we very well understand the criticality of this operation and can offer experienced people to man the staff. Besides, the personnel can also provide help for office support involved understanding of the aces problems diagnosing dic reason and rectifying the same. Some of the models of staffing is accounts, help desk, receptionist, etc.,


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We are providing the helpers for your offices, in large and small scale of manpower to your office help. Always giving you the office helpers in permanent basis or in contract basis for your need.

As per your choice you can contact at any time for your need of office helpers requirement. We are also providing the manpower with good knowledge.


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Office/Pantry Boys

All organizations need timely and effective office/pantry support services to operate efficiently and clean. We provide our well trained employees for office and pantry support work on your office/pantry. Our staff of workers are employed in virtually every sector of the economy, working in positions as a variety of companies in bangalore. Our staff is associated even with all kind of small supportive office services like office boys management.


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House Keeping

Housekeeping or house cleaning is the systematic process of making a home neat and clean in approximately that order. This may be applied more broadly than just to an individual home, or as a metaphor for a similar "clean up" process applied elsewhere such as a procedural reform. It can also be called household management, which is the act of overseeing the organizational, financial, day-to-day operations of a house or estate, and the managing of  Sree  Vinayaka Enterprises corporate concern. Please contact us for your kind of house keeping needs as per your choice of permanent of part time.


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Glass Cleaning

Glass Cleaning for your office or home and commercial service centre in done from our services, these kind of help providng also done at one time in the day and permanent basis for your organization. This may be applied more broadly than just to an individual home/office, or as a metaphor for a similar "clean up" process applied elsewhere such as a procedural reform. It can also be called household/office Glass Cleaning management system.


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Office Maintenance

early every office has at least one detail in common: they all need to be maintained regularly. Most offices are full of busy people who have neither the time nor the desire to keep up with maintenance tasks. Thus, outsourcing for office maintenance is typically necessary no matter the industry, though some companies depend on it more than others. Typical tasks can include everything from office cleaning that needs to be done daily, to chores that only need to be completed periodically.

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If having a cook is an important requirement. We provide full time neat and hygienic live in house cook for all kind of veg. or non-veg. north Indian, south Indian, Chinese etc. Our cooks, while not all being professional chefs, have usually cooked for the owners for years and produce genuine, delicious expressions of the local cuisine. You can hire a cook as much or as little as you like. After a long tiring journey, it may be nice on arrival at your house to be greeted by mouth-watering fragrances emanating from the kitchen and the prospect of a good dinner to get you immediately into the holiday mood. Just let us know your requirements in advance and we will organize  everything else!

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We arrange good drivers for your home and for office. All drivers are well experienced and believable. We are not fixing the salary. It’s up to you to fix the salary based on your requirements. We only charge for ours service.



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Gardener is the practioner of growing plants. Ornamental plants are normally grown for their flowers, foliage, overall appearance, or for their dyes. Useful plants are grown for consumption (vegetables, fruits, herbs, and leaf vegetables) or for medicinal use. A gardener is someone who practices gardening. We are providing practiced Gardeners.



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Hotel Helpers

We are providing a manpower to do all kind of job in your hotel. The workers are trusted Sree  Vinayaka Enterprises employers. We are providing good volume of manpower to you for your Hotel.




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